About Share A Smile

Share-A-Smile is a NJ based, non-profit organization founded in 2014 by the sister and brother team, Vidhi and Ved Jain. The organization was formed with the sole aim of spreading smiles to people in underprivileged areas through vision screening and medical check-ups. They conduct medical camps in developing countries around the world through fundraised money.

During one of their annual trips to India, Vidhi and Ved volunteered with their grandfather at a medical camp that he was holding in a nearby village. This experience opened their eyes to the scarcity of medical care in developing countries. They saw a lack of basic health care in a majority of the population of the village, including many children. Compared to the comfortable life they led in the United States, they were appalled to see kids and adults alike unable to perform everyday activities due to their impaired vision and health. They realized their social responsibility to give back as people living with privilege. They decided to share their blessings and start a non-profit organization focused on vision and healthcare.

Meet the team

When asked about their experience Vidhi said, "There were young kids who had significant difficulties in reading in their classrooms. When they were given proper eyeglasses, they jumped in joy saying -wow, I can read now. There were elderly who kept on getting unsteady and falling due to poor vision. They left with such bright smiles because of good vision and proper eyeglasses. Ved said, " This was such an humbling experience, we are so lucky here in the USA, I am glad I could help a few kids and people".

Elena Taylor

Vidhi Jain


She were in 8th Grade

Marcus Doe

Ved Jain


He were in 6th grade


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